Explore the world of science and technology at Girl Scout Camp! You will kick your learning and FUN into high gear with these awesome adventures.  Learn first hand from the experts and find your spark!

Electric Circuits

July 6 – 10

Sparks are flying at Camp Amity Acres this week! Think about what we use electricity for and start to dive into making your own circuits. Create a circuit that lights up, or one that makes sound. Then put them to the test in some fun-filled activities.


Digital Art

July 13 – 17

Practice your technology skills while at camp. Take inspiration from your favorite Disney movies and bring it to life in your own digital masterpiece. Then go behind the scenes to create a film. You'll be a director, producer, and actor in your own Disney film created at Camp Amity Acres!


Coding: Online & Unplugged

July 20 – 24

Earn your gold medal in coding this week while attending camp. Think about your favorite Olympic games and construct your own Olympic course. Once complete, practice your coding skills to complete your course!


Space-Themed STEM

July 27 – 31

One small step for Girl Scouts, one giant step for Camp Amity Acres. Pull inspiration from our solar system and have some fun in our space-themed STEM camp this week. Learn all about the stars, take a walk on the moon, and build a rocket ship to send to the moon at Camp Amity Acres!