Cooking At Camp

At Girl Scouts and at Camp Amity Acres, it’s easy to make new friends and keep the old while spending time in the kitchen and around the table!  Our experienced and creative staff will teach girls many different culinary skills, including how to use special kitchen tools and how to properly measure ingredients.  Join us to create and enjoy some of the most sweet and savory delicacies together!  Girls will be placed in age-appropriate groups.

International Cooking

June 29 – July 2

Do you love to cook? Come join us to discover food from around the world!  We'll discover how to make nutritious meals from other countries!  We’ll learn about setting tables, folding napkins, and a number of different cultural customs in the kitchen. Each day we'll cook a delectable meal and sit down to enjoy it together. 

Sweet Treats

August 10 – 14

The best things in life are sweet and according to world renowned chef, Julia Child, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” So, come party with us as we learn how to bake delicious cupcakes, make mouthwatering candy, and how to creatively decorate a cake!  Each day will be sweeter than the one before!  Join us as we have fun in the kitchen making lots of different desserts.