Camp Amity Acres is a great place for a girl to unlock her potential and discover the outdoor adventures that await her! Our unique environment helps her develop positive self-esteem, leadership skills and social skills, all while having the time of her life!
Girl Scout summer camp provides a vital building block to support girls’ growth and development, leading them to become successful, resourceful women. In an outdoor setting, girls discover a strong sense of self, gain practical life skills, become resourceful problem solvers, and cultivate healthy relationships.

Create Your Adventure at Camp Amity Acres This Summer!

Camp Amity Acres is open to all girls, ages 3-15, and their sibling brothers, ages 3-12. You don’t have to be a Girl Scout to join the fun, so bring a friend!
Follow these four easy steps to get started.

1.  Explore Your Options

Review this website and identify the activities you want to explore!

2.  Consider Specialty Programs 

Do you want to take your camp experience to the next level? Spend a week or more riding horses, getting hands-on with technology, or discovering our cooking opportunities. 

Or, consider an add-on program like campfire or a sleepover. 

3.  Choose Your Weeks

Which weeks fit your schedule best? Are there themes that you or your child don’t want to miss? 

4.  Sign Up 

You only need $25 per week (non-refundable) to reserve your spot. (All equestrian sessions must be paid in full at time of registration.)


Camp Amity Acres is an American Camp Association accredited camp. To earn this accreditation, we voluntarily meet more than 300 standards established by the ACA and maintain high safety and quality standards in site, program, transportation, administration, personnel, and health care.  All Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore camps meet ACA standards and NJ Youth Act standards in addition to guidelines provided by Girl Scouts of the USA.

Review Our Camp Guide

Below is a virtual copy of our camp guide. Feel free to scroll through and learn more about what camp has to offer.

Amity Acres

Amity Acres 

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

133 Jones Road

Waretown, NJ 08005

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