Horse ProgramsSaddle Up For Summer Memories

During the weeks of June 26, July 10 and August 7, 2017, campers can develop and enhance their equestrian skills while having fun at the stables! Our program is progressive; campers are evaluated at the start of every week and are placed in the appropriate program to provide the best experience. This is determined by demonstrated skill and ability, not by age or grade. Progress reports are provided at the start and end of each week.

Beginner Riding (Girls and Boys)

This introductory Saddle Sampler program is designed for those with little or no equestrian experience. It is open to girls and boys, entering kindergarten and above.

Advanced Riding (Girls Only)

During daily riding lessons, girls learn to ride in an arena without a lead line and gain other equestrian skills. They improve riding skills and learn to groom, saddle and care for horses, refine their riding style and participate in lessons on theory and horsemanship.

A Special Bond


With our progressive riding lessons, campers will be provided with opportunities to develop and enhance their equestrian skills all while having fun at the stables! Riders will be evaluated and subsequently receive an initial progress report each Monday during the weeks they participate, as a reference to their current skills mastered so that our friendly staff may properly assist them in expanding their equestrian knowledge. At the end of the week, another report will be sent out, to show your rider's progress and growth during their week at Amity Acres Day Camp.

Your rider, and her/his safety, is our first priority. It may take more than one weekly session to master the skills presented in each course. Becoming proficient and comfortable with the different equestrian techniques introduced in each program ensures your rider's safety as she/he progresses through our programs and encounters more complex challenges.

First-time riders MUST progress through both Saddle Sampler and Silver Spurs/Pony Tails before participating in any other equestrian program. If your camper is a returning rider, or you are unsure of which program is right for your child, please check her last progress report or contact the camp registrar for more information.